my hope

Welcome! I’m glad you are here! Most of what you will find on my website is thoughts and content about God and the Bible! If you don’t know me my name is Blake Fine and I’ve been on my faith journey since I was a teenager and here you can read my different thoughts, questions, and curiosities about God, Jesus, and the Bible. 


In spite of any doubts or questions I am a Jesus follower and desire to see others grow into who He really is and what He has called us into in His Kingdom! 



One of my hopes is that through content I put out that you would grow deeper in faith and in knowledge of the story of God.  I love the Bible and pretty much any history associated with it and the lives of the people in it. Sometimes the Bible is confusing and hard to understand but I think that’s good! I hope that what you find here can be of any help to you and your walk with God! 

My inspirations

I draw inspiration for my thoughts and what I belive about God from a number of different places. Below are some resources and people that have been extremely helpful in my walk with God.