Control: Letting Jesus Be The Author of Your Story

I think we all like to be in control. The desire to be in full control of all aspects of life is something that I struggle with and have most of my life. In the last few years, I have found myself enjoying reading more than I have ever had before. What I love about reading is that the author has total control of the words that you read. In fiction works the author controls the plot, conflict, protagonist, antagonist, etc. In nonfiction books, the author controls the ideas that are being presented and the ways in which the author presents these ideas. When an author writes they have full control over the what occurs on the pages of any given book.

In relation to authors and books, I often feel that I want to be the own author of my life most days. I want to be in control of what happens, and I want the best for myself. I want to be the hero of my story, and I also want to write my story. We all have a strong desire to be in control of life, and while there are things that we can control there are many things we have zero control over. I have found myself many times in situations where I wanted so badly to control the outcome, but also knew in the midst of it there was no way that I could. Have you ever been in that place of fear? A place that forces you to realize that there must be something greater in control of the story of our lives. I have. While this can be scary, it is also freeing. There is freedom found in allowing the better author than yourself write your story. The story that God has for you. When we become a part of the family of God and are children of God, we are now apart of the greatest story ever written. The story of salvation in Jesus. In this story, we no longer have to try and be the hero because Christ has become our greatest hero through His work on the Cross. What’s beautiful about the hero of Christ is that He is a hero we can trust in ALL circumstances. In trusting Him as the hero and author of our story, we find freedom. A freedom that gives peace in the chaotic world we live. The freedom that I’m referring to is the ability to not hold on to what’s safe, and what’s comfortable but to let go, and go after what He is leading you towards. We find freedom in understanding how fragile and temporary the life we live is. Inside of this freedom, we can see who we truly are, by letting go of the fear of the unknown. It has been said that everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives. How resonating that is. Sometimes we need just to go, leave it all behind and simply be free. I believe that the most exhilarating feeling a person can have is the moment right before freedom comes. It’s kind of like when you are standing on something very high above a body of water,  and you make the decision to jump in. That moment as you run towards the edge and right before you leap into just air.. the rush of freedom hits. This freedom is the freedom that you can find when you allow God to be the author of your life because of your trust in Him and what He has done through Jesus on the cross. Though you may not be in control of the situation, nor are writing the story, but Jesus is, and He is a way better writer and author than you could ever hope or want to be. So put down the pen and let there be freedom found in knowing you aren’t in control but He who is greater is in total control.

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