Kanye & Jesus

“I just talked to Jesus He said, “What up Yeezus?”
I said, “S*** I’m chilling Trying to stack these millions.”
I know he the most high But I am a close high
. Mi casa, su casa
That’s that cosa nostra I am a god I am a god I am a god.”

I am a God: Kanye West, 2013

“Everybody, I will tell ’til the whole world is healed
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, all the things He has in store
From the rich to the poor, all are welcome through the door
You won’t ever be the same when you call on Jesus’ name
Listen to the words I’m sayin’, Jesus saved me, now I’m sane

God is: Kanye West, 2019

Over the last few months there has been a transition in the life of Kanye West. As of Friday Kanye West’s new album “Jesus is King” has been praised and criticized. Some criticism comes from those who are skeptics of the authenticity of the faith of Kanye. This skepticism coming from West’s past actions and life. What is clear though is a much different view of self and expression of creation as can be seen in the lyrics above that are written six years apart. This change of view and way of living from Kanye comes from a proclaimed new found faith and salvation in Jesus Christ. Boldly in interviews as of recent West has stated numerous times that he is now “a free man” and “a Son of God.” West has found a new way to live and a new way to be human.

While there are those that may be doing “the waiting game” meaning you are thinking to yourself “lets wait to see if this is real.” I would say to you don’t do that. What we are seeing from Kanye is something that should be rejoiced of and result in our praising God for His sovereignty. What God has done in the life of Kanye is what God did in my life, what He may have done in your life, and is doing in many other’s lives. The God that we worship is in the business of bringing light into the darkest of places and bringing life to the most dead of souls. It is out of God’s sovereignty that God led Kanye to Placerita Bible church which led to a relationship forming between West and Pastor Adam Tyson. Through this God used Tyson to lead and shepard Kanye towards Christ through His word. God has been at work in all of the details of this change of life for Kanye West.

God is doing a work in Kanye West’s life that is unexpected and surprising. But this is only unexpected and surprising to us. This is not surprising to God but perfectly known and planned. This is not surprising to Jesus who died for Kanye. And this should not be surprising to us as followers of Jesus as we have seen God move in the hearts of those like Paul a man who once killed Jesus followers. For many years Kanye did not know Jesus but for many years Jesus knew Kanye. It is now that we get to observe from afar a man who is now getting to know Jesus. A man with great influence who can bring many to the truth of the Gospel. We should pray for Kanye and be joyful for his victories and pray for Kanye and be saddened by his failures. As Christians Kanye West is now in the family of God meaning he is now a Brother in Christ. Instead of criticizing and debating the “realness” of West’s faith lets be people who pray and hope for a continual transformation of the life of Kanye West. West is no longer saying “I am a God” but now pointing those to Jesus the God of gods. Kanye is no longer a man without Christ but a man in Christ. Jesus and Kanye are no longer separate but together. Let’s pray that this will be the same for many others through the power of the Gospel in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Bruhhhh, honestly. This is SO good!! I’m guilty of skepticism for sure but your words are true! Thanks for the incredible reminder.

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