Keep Pressing: Finding Victory in the Ressurection

Keep pressing. Right now I know you may be going through parts of life that hurt. I’ve been there. I feel your pain. People leave you, people hurt you, people will make decisions and do things that you never thought they would do. People will break the promises that they’ve made to you. You may be in a moment where you feel that you cannot trust anyone and you feel like that you have no value or any calling on your life. Trust me I get it. But I want to motivate you and encourage you. Keep pressing. I find that often in these moments of pain that it is so easy for us to focus on only the hurt that we may be going through. What this begins to do in your life is isolate you and makes you feel as if you are doing life alone and walking by yourself.

The enemy would love nothing more for you to buy into that and to lose sight of where God is taking you and where He has brought you from. Often we forget about the journey that God has us on. In life, there are unexpected turns and places that we end up on the journey. Isn’t that what a journey is though? If it was easy and if it always worked out the way we wanted it to it would it really be a journey? Often in these moments of hurt, we allow the season of pain or the moment of confusion to be greater than the God of the season. For me, this has happened often where I find myself in a moment or a situation that I don’t quite understand and I begin to question God and wonder if He really is as good as everyone says that He is. I believe though that these moments of pain can remind us of something instead of allowing it to let us forget God’s goodness.

What pain often does to us is blinds us, confuses us, and pulls us. In moments of hurt, we become blinded of what God has done in our lives so far. We forget about how much thanks we should give him for the blessings that we have, but what we do is become blinded by the pain and confusion we are going through. As we become blinded we then become confused as to who God is and we begin to question His goodness and His love for us because we have forgotten about all that He has already done, and as we become blinded and confused we can be pulled away from the faith that we have in God. In the bible, the disciples that followed Jesus for three years found their selves in a moment of pain and confusion much like you may be in. At the end of Jesus’s ministry, Jesus is taken away and crucified. After this occurs the disciples that followed Him for three years disappear and go into hiding because of their fear. Peter one of the disciples closest to Jesus denied knowing Jesus three times! These men were in a place of confusion and pain where they were blinded of what all Jesus had already done, beginning to question if who Jesus who He really said He was, and Peter was completely pulled from His faith in Jesus in just a moment. You may be just like the disciples. In a moment or season of life, you don’t quite understand or really like. But what is so cool about this story is that after Jesus is resurrected He comes to the disciples and reveals His resurrection to them. After Jesus does this, later on in the book of Acts these same men go from being in hiding and denying Jesus to preaching the gospel to thousands of people and even dying for the message of Jesus. For the disciples, the resurrection showed that Jesus was faithful and who He really said that He was. They realized that their victory was found in His victory and not their own.

The same can be said for you. Whatever moment you are in or hurt you are feeling find hope and victory in knowing that you can keep pressing on towards victory. Not because of anything you have done or any season you are in, but because the resurrection of Jesus is real and good and gives us hope and victory in something greater than anything of this earth.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these Biblical truths in a profound and approachable manner. I absolutely needed to hear this reminder in my current season of life.


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