Stay Rooted in the Soil that is Christ

Recently I was driving to my home from a town that was around 45 minutes or so away. The day was beautiful and sunny, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, leaving the sun elevated by itself shining down on everything below it. As I was riding and taking in the scenery, I turned on a road that had very tall trees on both sides. As I kept driving, I began to observe how tall the trees were and how much they stood out.  As I began to think about the trees, I began to personify them and thought about the story that each tree had.  I observed how not all of the trees were of the same kind, nor were any of the trees the exact same height. I thought about the different seasons, and weather that the trees endured and how some trees appeared strong while other trees appeared weak. As it was the beginning of March, some of the trees had already begun to bloom, replacing the leaves that had fallen from the winter that had just ended. While there were trees that were blooming there were also trees that seemed to just stand with no blooms and were alive but showed no signs of life. What I began to think about as I drove on was how much humanity and trees have in common. It’s beautiful really. No two humans are the exact same, and we all have a different story. We all have endured different seasons of life that bring about different weathers that we either are able to enjoy or are forced to endure. What makes a tree grow to be strong is the right amount of sunlight and rain. If the trees need this, who is to say that we don’t also?

What I mean is that it is very hard sometimes for us to enjoy the rainy days in life, but without them, we could never fully enjoy the sunny ones. I have found that in my own life it has been through the rainy seasons of life that God has taught me and strengthened my roots in Him.  While in the sunny seasons of life I am able to find rest in Him and bear the fruit that He was growing during the rainy seasons. This cannot be said for all people though. As I mentioned before that as I drove, I saw trees that stood tall and seemed to be alive but showed no blooms or signs of life. I see this so often in people and in myself some days. God has meant for us to live a life that is fully rooted in Him and it is by our reliance on Him that we show life, and bear fruit. We show life to a broken world that doesn’t understand the rainy seasons, a world that doesn’t see the purpose in them. The fruit we bear gives an explanation to all the seasons in life. When our roots become rooted deep into the soil that is Christ we find a foundation that is able to endure the rain and find joy in the sun. We all have a story just like the trees. Will your story give an explanation to a broken world where you are rooted during all seasons of life?

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