For many we have a lot of questions about life and not many answers. In the darkness of the night our minds wander into a galaxy of thoughts. We leap from thought to thought as if we are leaping from planet to planet. Some thoughts evoke fear, some joy, some pain, and some wonder. There are even moments where there are thoughts about thinking. Though the mind is looking for some form of resolution it must be noted that within the thinking are also ideas of depth, beauty, significance, and creation. For some, the brain is both an enemy and a great companion. An enemy that can cause the whole body to be brought into tension and an enemy that can recycle a moment or a thought over and over to the point of breaking you. Yet a great companion that can carry you back into moments of joy and pull you forward to moments of hope and serenity.

What one does with the mind is always up to the individual. For some there is defeat, others ignorance, and for few victory. The defeated allow the mind to determine their destination. The ignorant never engage with where their mind can take them. The victorious though take up a shovel and dig deep into the depths of their thoughts, memories, and lives, looking down and knowing there is more to be uncovered. Humanity, no matter how advanced will be forced to confront the questions of morality, relationships, vocation, and the cosmos. Most will rest in ignorance out of the fear of truth, others will be tortured by the search for truth in hopes of victory. What can one do but to ponder on these things.

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