Where is our depth?

To know God is to seek to know someone far greater than our minds and souls can fathom. It is often though that our approach to God is an approach that takes His greatness very lightly. We often do not approach God with a posture of depth. God took great measures to pursue us through Christ by His death and ressurection. Why would we not also take great measures of seeking out God? For many of us and myself included our walks with God are on the path of least resistance. We take lightly the calling of sacrifice of ourselves and specifically sacrifice of our own time. We live in a world of distraction and a microwave society. Our world is fascinated with the quick fix and the immediate. Because of this there has been an overflow of societal habits into our walks with God.

Walking with God is a walk that is a journey and one that takes time. The words of Jesus in Matthew 22:37 are “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” This is a clear call to love God with all of what makes up the human life. Our hearts should have a great love for God that results in a sacrifice of time and seeks out to know God and know His words deeper. We must as Christians begin to recognize that the message we hold is a simple but deep message that calls people to a deeper love and deeper sacrifice. Yet if we do not ourselves seek out this deeper love and deeper sacrifice we cannot give a clear picture for those who desire Christ to follow.

The challenge then is this: What will we give up go deeper with God? What will we do to seek out His greatness? Knowledge of God and His word should not spring forth religiosity or pride in us but humility. For the more that we realize that God is much higher than we have held Him then we will understand how lowly we are in the light of such a great God. Will we be people of shallow walks with God or people of deep sacrificial faith?

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