Why we live in fear over faith

How often have you had a plan to go completely different than you expected?

I think that it happens to all of us. Not only in the day to day events but in life in general. We all have hopes and expectations that we place on our lives and most of us have plans that we are making. We expect these plans to go one way and often they go completely different. For most of us and I know for myself responding to these moments can be very difficult. Our response often depends on the variation of emotions we go through. There are usually moments of sadness, confusion, anger, disappointment, and fear. Now for a moment, I want us to just key in on that last word “fear.” Fear is a word that is used often. For our sake I want us to look at fear as the catalyst of pride and trust in self. When you become fearful in life because of failed plans it becomes easy to panic in the midst of the loss of control, especially if you’re a Christian. Through my whole life, I’ve been told to “trust God” and just “let Him have control.” But this is not easy at all.

In my life, my response to failed plans has been in a fear of a lack of control. The result of this has been pride in myself and trust in me. A trust in one’s self is not a good place to be at and not where a Jesus follower hopes to find themselves.

When I look to the example of Jesus I see someone who understood fully what it means to live in total trust even in moments that stirred up fear. In the book of Mathew before Jesus is taken away to be beaten and killed He finds himself in a moment where He is praying to His Father (God). Twice Jesus prays to God “if this cup could pass from me then let it be, but if not let your will be done.” At this moment it shows an example of true humility under God. What we see is Jesus living in an understanding of who God is as a God who is wiser and higher than He was. It comes out of a place of humility that Jesus is able to live in total faith in God’s plan and not living out of fear in the midst of a moment that is overwhelming.

For us, as people who are followers of Jesus, we need to be people who look at humility as an opportunity to live in Faith over fear. Humbling ourselves under God’s plans and relying on faith to lead us and not letting fear and pride be what we live out of.

Where is God asking you to begin to live in Faith over fear in your life? Are you listening and seeking out obedience in that faith? Pray through these thoughts and look to Jesus as your example.

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